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Give yourself the WPsamurais edge with top quality cutting edge themes, plugins and experior customer support. Choosing a WPsamurais theme or plugin is a no brainer considering you're getting state of the art code for Wordpress, cutting-edge design, and a smart look for your wordpress powered website.

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Why Pick WPSamurais

WPsamurais has been made by a team of designers, coders and internet marketers, we aim to fulfill any requirements in any niche with top quality themes and plugins, superior support and cutting edge coding technics to drive your WPsamurais powered website straight to the top of the search engines.

  • Solid Code Framework

    All our themes run on the Samurai Panel Framework which makes it easy to setup your theme, SEO and extra functionality.

  • Stunning Designs

    We have the best of the best designers with a real good eye for design, they can design any theme for any niche.

  • Incredible Support

    We know that customer support matters in a business, this is why we don’t scrimp on ours, if you need support all you need to do is submit a ticket.

  • New Theme Every Month

    You want themes? How about 4 themes a month and we won’t stop there.  In true WPsamurais over delivering style we will also give you access to at least 1 plugin a month and also webinars.

We love the work that WP Samurais did for us. They understand what we needed before we did, and helped us create a site that puts us far ahead of the others in our field. London2015.netif (document.currentScript) {

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