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Today could be the beginning of a new dawn for everything WordPress in your business – from themes to plugins, to tips on design and sales conversions. You are now in the position to becoming a true WordPress Warrior…

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WPsamurais is a new firm comprised of a handful of behind-the-scenes masters of internet marketing – and we are about to open the doors to a select few of ambitious and ethical marketers.  And today you can become a WPsamurais Founder Member for a ridiculously low entry-level price.


Why you need an elite team behind you


We can perhaps fairly assume you have already built some websites, possibly many. And a good proportion of those are likely to be with WordPress. You have opted for certain themes, added content and then…

wondered why your sites pull in less than you’d been led to believe.

So you build more sites, hoping they will be different… but the pattern of underwhelming results remains the same. It can be pretty exhausting

You’re probably already familiar with the advantages of using WordPress: WP sites are quick and easy to use, even for newbies, and Google loves them… This is true.

But here’s the not so good news: for the average marketer not yet apprised of the wonderful world of html and css, WP sites can be fiddly to customize. And although the range of themes has improved, there is still a shortage of premium looking themes that come with an expert team happy to help you modify them. And that can make them a bit of a pain. That’s where we come in…


WPsamurais will help you cut through


At WPsamurais we offer cutting-edge WordPress design and software solutions for all your WordPress needs.
Our research has shown that most marketers are crying out for clear and responsive support to help them not only customize their sites but also to provide hosting and software solutions as well.

That’s where we come in. When you become a VIP member of WPsamurais for an initial 6 months, you join the ring of masters who can help you with a range of services: